Trojan UV4000 series electronic ballast Model 914051 Repaired with our 3 Year Warranty

Waste water treatment systems are a key electronics repair market for ERD. This is video footage of one of the Trojan UV4000 systems installed at the largest water treatment facility in the US.  This particular facility spans over 30 acres and handles the in-flow of untreated water from over a dozen smaller collection sites. The Trojan UV4000 is a system that purifies water 24 hours a day as it passes through the treatment plant. Manufactured by Trojan of Canada, this particular system is the largest UV system available on the market.

The Trojan UV 4000 system is an array of 10 high intensity ultra violet (uv) lights that are individually controlled by their own ballast, which is a type of power supply.  The array is positioned directly in the water stream and its position is controlled using a hoist. ERD is the only company with a 100% repair rate for the ballasts used in this system. The ballasts are produced for Trojan by Nedap of the Netherlands, and the retail replacement cost averages $2,000 per ballast.


As you can see, each watertight array has 10 ballasts installed – one for each UV bulb. In addition there is a main control board and a circulating pump system for cooling the ballasts. These systems are controlled by an output device and are run at 100%, 24 hours a day to ensure effective water purification. ERD provides an unequaled level of service to our customers by offering a 3 year warranty and a normal repair cycle of less than three weeks.  Since ERD’s ballast repair cost provides a savings of 50% over new units, ERD is the sensible choice for repair of your Trojan UV4000 ballasts.

Nedap Models



Trojan UV4000 series

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Electronic Ballast


U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Honors ERD LTD with Presidential Award for Export Achievements


U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Honors U.S. Companies with Presidential Award for Export Achievements

The President’s “E” Award is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. In 1961, President Kennedy signed an executive order reviving the World War II “E” symbol of excellence to honor and provide recognition to America’s exporters. This year, 73 companies and organizations were honored with the “E” Award for Exports for demonstrating a sustained increase in export sales over a four-year period. There were 28 companies and organizations that assisted and facilitated export activities and received the “E” Award for Export Service. The “E” Star Award for Exports, which recognizes previous “E” Awardees who have reported four years of additional export growth, was awarded to 17 firms. And, five companies were awarded the “E” Star Award for Export Service, which recognizes previous “E” Awardees that have shown four years of continued support of exporters since first winning the “E” Award.

ERD LTD is proud to be apart of the largest group to ever receive this award which helped contribute to the United States’ exporting $2.23 trillion worth of goods and services in 2015, and the estimated 11.5 million American jobs supported by exports.

ERD and Hannover Messe 2016 Announcement

ERD is proud to be partnered with the United States of America at Hannover Messse 2016 in Germany.


An industrial giant returns to its former strength


It may be hard to believe, but the USA is making its debut as the Partner Country at the world’s largest industrial technology event. For HANNOVER

MESSE, winning the United States as the Partner Country is a great success – one which will further enhance the attractiveness of the next year’s event. “President Obama has committed himself to strengthening America’s domestic industry. The modernization of America’s industrial sector and the digital integration of its production plants and equipment are proceeding there at a rapid pace,” reports Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the

managing board at Deutsche Messe. “The goal of the U.S. government is to regain its status as one of the world’s leading production locations, which predestines the United States as next Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE.”


More information to come…



2015 North Carolina Exporters of the Year


Charlotte, NC – The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has named Glenn Flaherty and Tom Robinson of ERD Ltd., Inc. in Kernersville, the North Carolina Exporters of the Year for 2015. Flaherty is owner and president; Robinson is executive vice president.

ERD is an engineer owned and operated electronic repair company. Flaherty started the firm in 1995 with one other employee. ERD repairs damaged electrical components for clients in every state of the U.S. and over 65 countries. They service various business sectors including the cruise, manufacturing, energy, and semiconductor industries. Their customers include 26 of the world’s Fortune 100 companies.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the SBA for our export effort,” said Robinson. “We encourage all North Carolina businesses to become engaged in international trade.”

The criteria for the award include: Increased sales, profits and/or employment due to exporting, creative overseas marketing strategies and introduction of unique trading relationships, products or services.

For the last three and a half years, Flaherty and Robinson have worked closely with the North Carolina Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) International Business Development Counselor Owen George. He guided them in the development and implementation of a strategic export plan, which helped them expand their international client base from five countries to over 65 countries around the globe. George nominated the pair for the award.

This market expansion played a key role in ERD’s securing a $579,000 SBA Loan from Wells Fargo Bank for the purchase of their 15,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Kernersville in 2013. Thanks to SBA funding and technical assistance ERD has grown to 18 employees and quadrupled revenues between 2011 and 2014. Almost 25 percent of that total is export sales.

Current Units for Repair at ERD Ltd – the leader in Industrial Electronic Repair – Mitsubishi – Dynamics Research – Pep Modular – December 4 2014

At ERD we receive a very broad spectrum of items for repair from a very broad customer base in over 65 countries on a daily basis.

One of the most common questions we receive is “what can you repair” which this series of postings will hopefully shed some light on answering.

To highlight a few are the following units we received for repair today:

Mitsubishi MR-s11-200-e01 CNC SERVO DRIVE REPAIR

Mitsubishi MR-s11-200-e01 CNC SERVO DRIVE REPAIR

This Mitsubishi MR-s11-200-e01 is commonly found in customized machine tools using Mitsubishi CNC Controls.

Our average repair time is about 2 weeks and it does come with our 3 YEAR Warranty.


Dynamics Research  SST-10-e2-b97b Linear Encoder Repair

Dynamics Research SST-10-e2-b97b Linear Encoder Repair


Dynamics Research  SST-10-n2-b06b Linear Encoder Repair

Dynamics Research SST-10-n2-b06b Linear Encoder Repair

This pair of Linear Encoders by Dynamics Research – SST-10-N2 and SST-10-E2 comes out of machine tool.

These are typically used for the axis alignment on a CNC table but can also be used in various other industries and applications.

Our average repair time is about 2 weeks and it does come with our 3 YEAR Warranty.

Pep Modular vsbc-2 SBC Single Board Computer Repair

Pep Modular vsbc-2 SBC Single Board Computer Repair

This PEP Modular VSBC-2 is a custom rack single board computer used in a specialized PLC control system.

Our average repair time is about 3 weeks and barring firmware complications,  it does come with our 3 YEAR Warranty.





If you have a broken monitor /power supply / drive or any other electronic component contact us by phone 1-336-992-3611 or email us at, we will evaluate and quote your unit the same day, and there is never a fee for this service.


Nedap 9555994 UV Lamp Ballast Power Supply Repair by ERD

This unit is a Nedap 9555994 UV Lamp Ballast Power Supply with 3.1kw of output power at a wopping 550Vrms and was fully rebuilt under our 3 Year Warranty Repair program.  This power suppply/ballast was completely rebuilt from top to bottom and the major failures were problems in the power output stage and burned output fet’s.  After repair we hooked up the Ballast to our 3kw UV Lamp and tested it fully as shown in the video. This particular repair took our standard 10 days to complete. At ERD we offer full support for all the associated parts found on in UV water treatment systems.



Repairs Typically Performed:

  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Fet’s
  • Discrete NPN PNP Transistors

Other Related Nedap Power Supplies





If you have a broken power supply or any other electronic component contact us by phone 1-336-992-3611 or email us at, we will evaluate and quote your unit the same day, and there is never a fee for this service.


Allen Bradley 1745-TCAT Repair

Allen-Bradley 1745-TCAT Test Setup, using SLC-150.

Allen-Bradley 1745-TCAT Test Setup, using SLC-150.

Allen-Bradley 1745-TCAT raedy to count.

ERD Repair Video Komatsu 22M-06-23200 Used in Excavator PC35MR-2 PC40MR-2 PC50MR-2 PC55MR-2

ERD is an industrial repair company specializing in the repair of over 20,000 different types of equipment since 1995.


ERD is the only company to offer a 3 YEAR Warranty on our service work and provides a free quote the day we receive any item.


The below video is a Komatsu display – OEM replacement is 3 times our current repair charge and does not have our 3 Year Warranty.



Komatsu 22M-06-23200 Repair Video

Reliance Dc Motor Control Board Repair

This unit is a Reliance 0-58770-310BA DC Motor Control Board that is used in the Flexpak 3000 250 FB4042 and was repaired under our 3 Year Warranty Repair program. While disassembling and inspecting the control board for damage we discovered a bad communications fault on the internal micro-bus, flaky EEPROM, and a bad pulse tach card.  After replacing defective parts the unit was tested and  all faults recorded were normal. With the customer’s parameters restored and video documentation recorded the unit is ready to be processed and shipped back to Taiwan.




  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Pulse Tach card

If you have a broken control board or any other electronic component contact us by phone 1-336-992-3611 or email us at, we will evaluate and quote your unit the same day, and there is never a fee for this service.

New 3 Year Warranty for Industrial Electronic Repairs

At ERD we are constantly examining how we can do more for our customers. As a result we are always in the stage of reinventing our approach to the electronic repair industry.  Here is a brief milestone history.

No other industrial electronic repair company has been owned and operated by engineers since its  inception.

We were the first in the industry to provide an extensive website presence that included Original Equipment Manufacturer and specific model search-ability.

We are a United States government award winner.

ERD does not outsource our repairs. Outsourcing is a very common industry practice. If a company outsources, they lose control of the repair. Most of the known electronic repair companies in the United States are customers of ERD. Why? Because we have the expertise!

We are proud to say no other industrial electronic repair company has provided their customer a two year warranty for more than ten years. We have set the standard not because we need to keep up with a leader in the industry but rather because our quality data indicated it could be done.



Why?? Because a review of our  data and our commitment to excellence  has revealed we can again lead the industry in an an area that is  important to our customers.


Glenn Flaherty


ERD Ltd. Inc.

Department of Commerce Award


ERD LTD is proud to receive the Export Achievement Award while repairing industrial electronic equipment for companies around the world.

“The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Achievement Certificate recognizes companies that are business clients of the Commerce Department’s U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) and have successfully entered new foreign markets. The Greensboro USCS is leading tomorrow’s recognition of these successful exporters.
ERD Ltd. of Kernersville, NC. ERD is an industrial electronic repair company and has exported to more than 64 countries, and has some 4,800 customers world-wide.”

WFMY News 2


ERD’s day to day business of repairing industrial electronic equipment  for company’s all over the world has gathered a little local attention.

WFMY NEWS 2  aired a news article on May 28 , 2013 talking about some Triad businesses going global, how ERD has succeed by using the internet as an advertising tool.


NSK ep0810af series

The NSK 0810AF3 is a high-end digital servo controller for use with a mega-torque motor. It acts as a stand-alone digital motion control system with zero-backlash position control capability, and it can also be interfaced to any standard motor position controller. This controller is used extensively in the wafer fabrication industry.

Read more about our repairs on these and many other NSK units at our company website

2 Year Warranty

All units repaired by ERD carry a two-year warranty of workmanship from date of invoice. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis and noted in writing.

Our technicians average over 20 years of experience over a huge cross section of industrial electronics. There is not much in the way of electronics we haven’t seen and fixed.We don’t just repair units, we refurbish them to as like-new condition as possible. The end result is more peace of mind for you and your organization.

We stand behind our repairs with pride and quality assurance. ERD can offer the most extensive warranty in the industry because our technicians avarage over 20 years of experience over a huge cross section of industrial electronics. Visit ERD’s warranty page for the full warranty policy.