SEMICON Taiwan 2015

SEMICON Taiwan 2015
ERD LTD., Inc. will be explaining how we can save you thousands of dollars in the maintenance of your

CMP equipment. Please join us at booth# 3019 and learn why facilities owned by Texas Instrument, Intel,

On Semiconductor, International Rectifier, WaferTech, Freescale, and SGS Thomson use ERD LTD., Inc.

to repair their CMP equipment. Regards, ERD


ERD 公司會為您解說我們是如何能在為您維修您的CMP設備下替您省下幾千元的費用. 請大家來到我們設立

在#3019的攤位, 來了解為什麼像是 Texas Instrument (德州儀器), Intel (英特爾), On Semiconductor

(安森美半導體), International Rectifier (國際整流器公司), WaferTech (領英), Freescale (飛思卡

爾), 以及 SGS Thomson (意法半導體), 這些機構 會採用我們 ERD 公司來幫他們維修他們的CMP器材. 謹

以致意, ERD





  • Provides a full refurbishing of the NSK Megatorque Motor Driver and Motor – not just a repair of what is wrong with the particular unit.
  • Offers a comprehensive 3 Year warrnaty on all Megatorque Drivers when repaired as a matched paid with the matching motor.
  • Performs a 100% operational test on the Megatorque System using an AMAT Mirra Simulator system to ensure 100% operation.
  • Provides not only in-house repair of the driver but also performs in-house repair of the matching motor – all to ensure proper operation.
  • Has a 100% success rate of all NSK product service since 1997 and refurbished over 1000 individual units
  • Offers OEM support on the NSK Megatorque units over 5 years for Kokusai. These drivers were used in their Die-Sublimation furnace product line.
  • Has developed the ability to re-match mismatched driver and motor pairs with 100% success rate by using a tuning and matched prom method.
  • Performs all NSK Megatorque repairs in less than 7 business days with a full time staff dedicated to the product line.
  • Has a return or warranty rate of less than 1% on our over 1000 repairs.
  • Hperformed this repair service directly and in-directly for the following list of Semiconductor Fabs worldwide:
    • TI (Texas Instrument)
    • Intel
    • On Semiconductor
    • International Rectifier
    • WaferTech
    • Freescale
    • SGS Thomson