Reliance Dc Motor Control Board Repair

This unit is a Reliance 0-58770-310BA DC Motor Control Board that is used in the Flexpak 3000 250 FB4042 and was repaired under our 3 Year Warranty Repair program. While disassembling and inspecting the control board for damage we discovered a bad communications fault on the internal micro-bus, flaky EEPROM, and a bad pulse tach card.  After replacing defective parts the unit was tested and  all faults recorded were normal. With the customer’s parameters restored and video documentation recorded the unit is ready to be processed and shipped back to Taiwan.




  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Pulse Tach card

If you have a broken control board or any other electronic component contact us by phone 1-336-992-3611 or email us at, we will evaluate and quote your unit the same day, and there is never a fee for this service.

Cutting Edge Machine & Fabrication, INC Testimonial

Back In Business

“Thanks to all at ERD , but, especially to those involved with the professional speedy repair of my Hurco CNC mill Z axis driver. Im back making a living!”

Ben Kintzing


Cutting Edge Machine & Fabrication, Inc